About Us.

Founded in 2005, Jenkins Hill Consulting, LLC is a privately owned bipartisan government relations firm, actively involved in the public policy issues dominating the federal political agenda.  With over a century of combined Washington experience the partners at Jenkins Hill Consulting are recognized by Washington decision-makers as key players in the political and policy arena.

Our Philosophy

JHC has a simple philosophy that serves our clients well and separates us from others in the business:

1. Look Past Party Labels: As a bipartisan lobbying firm, we will advance our clients message with force and credibility to both sides of the political aisle.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Provide proactive leadership and support of our clients in order to define the debate.


Continue the Drumbeat: Facilitate a continuous dialog with our client and key decision-makers.

4. Keep it Simple:  We service only a limited number of clients to avoid any conflict of interest.  This allows us to focus entirely on the needs of our clients.

Our Team

The Honorable Robin Tallon Principal
C. Scott Barnhart Principal
J. Brad Edwards Principal
Joe Kefauver Vice President
Andrew Asher Of Counsel
Robert Arensberg Of Counsel

What was Jenkins Hill?

THE GROUND ON WHICH THE UNITED States Capitol stands was known from the earliest moments of European settlement as the New Troy tract. Granted in 1663 by the second Lord Baltimore to George Thompson, it was one of three substantial parcels that Thompson would own within the boundaries of the future District of Columbia. His holdings encompassed some 1,800 acres, or slightly more than one-fourth of all the land that would be allotted for the site of the capital city.

While the 500 acres that constituted New Troy would change hands six times, it was never known by any other name prior to 1791. When Daniel Carroll of Duddington finally conveyed this property to the federal government, the site for the Capitol was still indicated on the official deed as New Troy.

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