Jenkins Hill Consulting provides its clients with solutions to public policy and business challenges, specializing in the development and implementation of lobbying strategies at the federal government.  In addition, our team has a long history of political campaign management, coalition building and grassroots development.

The principals of Jenkins Hill Consulting have an extensive knowledge of the legislative process and deep contacts on Capitol Hill.  In addition, members of our team have been actively involved in shaping the political landscape at the local, state and federal level for the past twenty-five years.  We have represented many corporations, trade associations, public sector entities and foreign interests on a variety of issues under executive and legislative branch jurisdictions.

Jenkins Hill Consulting has the successfully marshaled support in a vast array of efforts from all corners of the country.  We pride ourselves on the relationships that we have built over the years with key decision-makers from trade associations, business groups, political organizations, media and elected officials.

Jenkins Hill Consulting has a simple philosophy that serves our clients well and separates us from others in the business:

Look Past Party Labels: As a bipartisan lobbying firm, we will advance our clients message with force and credibility to both sides of the political aisle.
Stay Ahead of the Curve: Provide proactive leadership and support of our clients in order to define the debate.
Continue the Drumbeat: Facilitate a continuous dialog with our client and key decision-makers.
Keep it Simple:  We service only a limited number of clients to avoid any conflict of interest.  This allows us to focus entirely on the needs of our clients.

The combination of highly personalized service, practical public policy experience and a total commitment to success are the reason we have been effective for our clients.

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